Founder of Happy Healing - Australia and author of Crappy vs Happy, Chrissy refers to herself as a Mind, Body & Spirit Life Enhancer with keeping it real guidance.


Also known as the swearing skeptical psychic, once upon a time Chrissy resisted her innate ability to connect with the spiritual side because her mum could ‘see dead people’ and all she wanted was to be ‘normal’.

Chrissy has been described as a voice of reason, being down to earth, grounded, inspirational and supportive, with a keeping real style of teaching.

Chrissy loves to inspire others and welcomes anyone who wishes to align their own Mind, Body & Spirit connection to join her on the Road Less Traveled and enhance their life becoming their own guide, healer and teacher.

Personal Growth & Spiritual growth go hand in hand and Chrissy uses her own combination of techniques to reconnect, realign and balance your Human Soul System.


Chrissy creates positive outcomes for all that Dare to Grow, she will walk with you every step of the way empowering you to trust in yourself and the tools you have been given to create alignment and balance of mind body and spirit for all occasions.

'I love what I do and I do what I love and I look forward to sharing my easy to use tecniques to guide you to authentic sustainable happiness, creating a fulfilling life.


You don't have to do this on your own, support is here. Join me and like minded people walking the road less traveled to a space of peace and comfort. You are in the drivers seat lets do this trip called life.'

It's all about the Experience and NOW is the time for YOU to

include Spiritual Hoo Haa into your everyday life and love the life you live.

Join me.

With love and happy vibes chrissy

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