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6 x 2 hour sessions where in the first hour we work on your conscious goals, aspirations, thoughts and perceptions, then in the second hour we dive deep into the unconscious to release all of the stuff you’re not even aware of that is holding you back.


Pre-work: Complete the Deep Dive Questionnaire – complete the questionnaire to uncover exactly where you are now.


Session: 1 – The Deep Dive Debrief


  • Unpack the results from your Deep Dive Questionnaire.

  • Identify specific emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

  • Use a powerful Emotional Release Technique to let go of emotional baggage.

  • Close the session with a 15 minute Mind Full to Mindful relaxation technique.


Session: 2 – Identifying Values & Goals


  • Establish your goals

  • Elicit your core values and align them with your goals

  • Discover a deep meditation state through Peaceful Practice meditation

  • Emotional Release Technique to remove any barriers between you and your goals.


Session: 3 to 5 – Peaceful Mind Mastery


  • Goals & Values Check-in

  • Peaceful Mind Mastery to let go of limiting beliefs

  • Emotional Release Techniques to create a natural state of calm confidence.


Session: 6 – Reflect and Celebrate


  • Review your progress

  • Reflect on and celebrate your successes

  • Finish by positioning you in your future success so you can no longer return to old ways.


6 x fortnightly payments of $250 or pay upfront and save $300 = $1,200 for the full package.