Bringing in 2021 with a Peaceful Mind

Hi everyone I'm back sort of, enjoying time working from home today.

And, I'm sitting here on this beautiful day in Adelaide contemplating 2021 and thinking about goals and resolutions and realizing that I didn’t get my usual anxiety or stressed-out vibes. Freedom right there. Have you ever noticed when a feeling you expected didn’t come? Something that once triggered you doesn’t anymore? I love that surprise.

Going back in time I realise that when I used to set my new years resolution in motion the first few months I was on task then bang, I would fall off the proverbial wagon leaving me to believe that I would never accomplish or stick to anything. Some called it Self sabotage, I say Life gets busy.

As a woman on the go, finding time for myself was my down fall.

Does this sound like you?

2018 was my turning point. No more goals or resolutions, no more guilty expectations and none of those things that triggered me. If I had to pick something to do in 2018 it was going to be something other than making myself do something. My new favourite quote became

“I’m a human Being not a Human Doing”.

So, I changed and decided that I was just going to be kind to myself, finding my peaceful mind,alignment, balance and understanding my values in all areas of my life. I wasn’t going to push and I wasn’t going to place more pressure on myself by DOING a resolution

The Results,

  • I wrote my first book and became a published author.

  • I wanted to delve deeper into the mind and how it works and became an NLP and TLT Master Practitioner and hypnotherapist.

  • I designed and created my first ever Series of Events (Dare to Grow) that launched in 2019

  • I didn’t renew my lease on a rented commercial premisis and started to work back at home and my business had the best year ever.

  • I traveled to Melbourne alone (twice), went to China for 10 days and was away from my family the longest time ever.

  • I nurtured myself to grow and flow being kind to myself allowing my intuitive self to guide me to that peaceful space in my mind.


  • I replaced pressure with persistence.

  • I replaced not knowing (anxiety & stress) with learning.

  • I replaced goals with intentions.

  • I replaced career with preferred purpose.

  • I replaced limiting beliefs with my own BE-Life System

  • I made friends with all facets of myself

  • I trusted myself and I just let go of all the Bullshit in my life. Which by the way I was the creator of.

  • I started to love myself

  • I found and trusted my feelings through my body barometer

  • I became in control of my 8th Sense knowing what was mine and what was not energetically.

  • And I healed.

I created a life I wanted to live in and 2 years later I'm still living by these values and creating more of what I want in my life. I'm continuing to find courage and Daring to Grow, allowing myself the Space of Peace and kindness.

Allowing my intuitive side to guide me through the darkest moments facing and loving my shadows with techniques I'd long forgotten and embracing all facets of my life.

Daring to grow isn't something that stops, it gives you the courage and confidence to face life and its challenges for the rest of your life and beyond.

Daring to Grow is what life is, opportunities, curiosity, growth and Peace.

It’s a fabulous synergy of life, mind, body and spirit combined.

Daring to Grow was the turning point of my life’s purpose.

The series of kick ass events is my life's work wrapped up in 7 amazing supportive modules to help you get back on your road less traveled, the one you left behind whilst helping everyone else create theirs.

I noticed that when I allowed myself time to grow and flow I accomplished more. Being kind to myself and finding time to just be, no pressure just love and kindness. I filled my own pot first and discovered how much more I could offer others. It’s so easy to keep serving from an empty pot, but what is left is only the dregs at the bottom. They were all the things I swept under the carpet, avoiding your own needs and problems by serving others. But the day comes when the vessel you pour from becomes blocked and you have to cleanse it. And I did.

I found my Peaceful Mind

I was drained and blocked from head to toe full of anxiety, stress, overwhelm and no energy. My chakric system was a mess. Then, one day my need to please and support everyone shifted to a need to support me, when that was achieved, I lost my need and just allowed, I let go.

2019 became another successful year for different reasons, I Dared to share my learnings with a small group of amazing women looking to bring something more into their lives and with the commencement of my Signature Courses, Dare to Grow based on my book Crappy vs Happy.

A series of keeping it real kick ass events combining Spiritual and Personal health growth and development to guide others to become conscious of their unconscious beliefs, patterns and behaviors so that they could choose to change what no longer fitted in their lives. Like those old worn out shoes.

The lifelong tools and skills learned during the course to implement changes for not only themselves but those around them was a huge success with all finding new pathways and life changes.

This is what Sue had to say

For many years I have wanted to move forward with my life but always felt there was a road block, I took this to be my fear of the unknown. My goals of working from home, travelling and losing that stubborn 15 kilos always seemed so far out of reach.

I would start to work on my goals and then they would crash, why could I not just do it and reach my goals? It felt like I was hitting a brick wall every time and I doubted myself so much that I just gave up as I was just not going anywhere, and every time I failed it made me more miserable.

When Chrissy mentioned her Grow and Flow course, I decided this was something I had to try. In my first visit she asked where my time line was, and I pointed to my left and to my right. Well this was the biggest turning point for me as I all I was doing was watching my life go past me, as soon as I moved my time line for the future to be in front of me and the past behind me, my life started to take off.

We worked on my fear of the unknown which just disappeared and a confidence that I had not felt before began to manifest and has stayed with me. We worked on my values which I had not really dealt with before and after reviewing them several times I am amazed and happy at what they are for me now.

My goal to work from home is now becoming a reality, I quit my job and am doing full time study to become a qualified Medical Transcriptionist – a position that I can work from home or while I am traveling. I’m about to purchase a campervan and do weekend trips around the state. I have planned a 4 week holiday in Japan in September and a 4 month holiday in Europe in 2024. My fitness is much better with walking every morning and losing 2 kilos so far. I am sleeping and eating better, and well on my way to get to my goal before Japan.

I am astounded at myself for leaving a well-paid job to no income for 3-4 months, in the past just the thought of this would have had me stressed and in knots but with the work I have done with Chrissy it has only helped me to embrace my goals and what the future holds for me. Thank you, Chrissy you are an inspiration.


Then 2020 the year of change and uncertainly, filled with ups and downs entered the cosmic space, unbeknown to anyone what the year would produce, Dare to Grow continued with a new team of inspirational women on the go looking to create change, and that they did. The year it was probably needed the most it once again flourished and helped many women create changes to their life.

A woman on the go, mum of 2 kids working and stressed out. Unable to have a happy relationship with people she worked with felt used and unappreciated. Unable to find the courage to speak out for herself she suffered in silence.

Her real problem was low self worth. She was a classic people pleaser who put everyone else’s needs before her own.

She joined the Dare to Grow program in 2020 where she worked on her personal confidence by letting go of her believes about what she deserved and what was normal and acceptable in life. She realised that not being happy at work was not honoring her values, in fact she decided being used was no longer acceptable for her.

Today she is now self-employed, doing what she loves! She left the job, created a space at home to do what she loved and created the freedom to work her own hours. And she is now in the most wonderful, loving and compassionate relationship…. With her life.

Isn’t that what it’s all about, enjoying the journey?

And now as 2021 fast approaches what are you looking for?

Creating a Peaceful Mind?

Creating new intentions or possibilities?

Creating change in your life to make it more about yourself, letting go of things that no longer serve you the stress, overwhelm anxiety?

Releasing the part of you that sabotages your dreams and hopes?