Why making big decisions to invest in yourself pays off.

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

One of the biggest changes in my life besides becoming a parent was when I left my Job after 8 years. When I left though I realised it wasn't just the job, it was my income, my livelihood, my security, my routine, my colleagues, something that I loved and hated at the same time.

It was one of the biggest decisions of my life that I thought I'd ever make. It was scary as anxiety kicked in, my unconscious voice screaming WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO FOR MONEY - HOW ARE YOU GOING TO PAY THE BILLS, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO SURVIVE.

But I did it anyway, I was confident I would sort something out and be on my feet in no time. I've got this, I don't need any help I'll sort it out. And I did, I started my own business Happy Healing, I got clients and started to make some money. Yayyyy.

This was great for the first 5 years, then it happened, my business plateaued, I was lost I didn't know what to do, there was no way I was asking anyone for help, my mind kept giving me mixed messaged like WTF how are you going to make this better, then the whole belief system and thought process started again, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO FOR MONEY - HOW ARE YOU GOING TO PAY THE BILLS - YOUR JUST A FAILURE.

Yep I did the whole loop and was back where I started. I remembered the feelings of scarcity of having no money and thinking bad thoughts but something always came through. It was weird, a bill would come in I'd panic then all of a sudden I'd get a new client and the bill would get paid. I didn't want to go back to being stressed about not having enough money all the time. So, I took a step back and decided I would do the opposite of what I did last time. I would welcome whatever opportunities came my way, I wouldn't give up and I would make some changes.

I decided that I could still do it on my own, I didn't want my clients to think I was weak after all I was a Mind Body Spirit life coach right, I should have my shit together, I should know how to get out of this space without any help, right? (being vulnerable was not a forte of mine).

So I kept a look out on what was out there, what could I do that would help me without spending any money, because I didn't have any spare money right, and I didn't need any help right? WRONG!!!!

All the advertisements on Facebook about 'Does your business need a coach' - 'Do you want to earn big bucks being a coach'? All these ads where driving me crazy, so I bit the bullet and did some free online courses to see if I could learn something. We all know where that leads, but wait theirs more, do you want to add this, do you want to know my secrets. $$$$$$$$$$ big bucks later.

No way, I'm not spending money on a coach to tell me what I already know and charge that amount. I don't have the money. That catch phrase that kept coming in my mind ' I don't have the money. Don't have the money for what? To better my business, to better myself?

So I didn't do anything for another 2 years and stayed plateaued, getting a bill, getting a client, paying a bill. The cycle went on again and again. I watched others succeeding in the same type of business as mine and I couldn't figure it out. Until the penny dropped. I had to change the way I was thinking about getting guidance, I had to step out of my comfort zone.

I knew that by playing the same record in my mind I would get the same results. I also knew that when I needed money it somehow always came in. I wondered what would happen if I decided to spend more money, would it come in? I also knew that if I didn't do something and kept using money as an excuse I would never have the money, there would always be something holding me back.

I struggled needlessly because my mind told me I didn't need anyone, I didn't need support or guidance and the biggest one of all I COULDN'T AFFORD IT. As I look back now at the time when I needed support mentally I let my way of thinking deny me. My unconscious program that I didn't have enough money kept getting in the way.

After 6 years of nothing changing in my life/business I decided I was going to do the opposite of what I had done in the past and I signed up for my first ever course including a coach/mentor/guide. It was the scariest most exciting thing ever. BUT IS WAS ALSO THE BEST THING I'D EVER DONE. I was scared because of the $$$$$ investment but excited about all the new things I would learn to help me in my life. New life, new ideas, new thoughts, new growth.

So instead of saying I can't afford it, I decided I'd make it happen, and it did. You see my attitude toward NEVER having enough held me back from EVER having enough. I took the plunge and secured my first coach/mentor/guide. IT WAS THE BEST NEXT BIGGEST DECISION I EVER MADE.

My only regret was why didn't I do it sooner. When I was going through the most difficult times mentally, emotionally and physically, when I needed support and guidance the most, I let money tell me that I couldn't have it. Don't get me wrong my family and friends are very supportive but that wasn't the type of support I needed.

You see it wasn't about money at all, at the end of the day it was my mental state, my deeper self telling me I didn't need anyone, I could do this on my own, if I get help I was weak.

It had to be shut down, all the excuses had to be gone. This wasn't about money, something always came up and it would always be there, I knew this. But if it wasn't about money what was it REALLY ABOUT?

I confided in my new coach/mentor/guide that I was concerned about money and the price/investment I was making in not only myself but my business. My business is what was going to make the money to pay for everything right?

I was reassured by my new counsel that with my new way of thinking that yes my business would succeed because I chose to get out of my comfort zone to become vulnerable and seek guidance. We dug a little deeper as my little voice inside my head said you don't need anyone, you don't need help, and you certainly don't need to pay for it, you've got this.

Light bulb moment! A program I had been running all my life that I didn't need help, I've got this had run it's very last race. It was very right in some ways, I didn't need guidance in what I already knew, I needed education, development and guidance in what I didn't know that I didn't know.

Securing my first coach/mentor/guide was the best money I never had moment.

The Risk Vs Reward truth had arrived. What was I going to achieve and get for my money/investment?

Where do I start, I learned so much about myself, my worth, how to upscale my business, my life, relationships, values, boundaries. It was phenomenal. I knew so much about my Psychic/intuitive/healing/medium side and nothing about who I was. I thought that by being gifted as they say that I would be ok, the universe is on my side, have faith kinda thing. (I know now that it was on my side but you always look at the universe and have faith kinda thing as being all good shit right?)

So my ahaa moment finally arrived and I made peace with money and stopped blaming it for being the problem and accepted that my way of thinking about getting support and guidance was the real issue. This Self Sabotaging behavior knocked me down when I needed Support and Guidance the most. The repeated record, you don't need help, you don't have the money was not going to play again.

If I had not delved deeper into my way of thinking with my coach who knows where I would be today.

But that's not all I gained from my coach/guide/mentor, I became healthier physically, mentally and emotionally. I stopped using money as an excuse not to do things and I dug deeper to find the real cause. My coach taught me how to do this. I expanded my life and business. I went even further out of my comfort zone and wrote a book with the guidance and encouragement of my coach. I began a whole new part of my relationship with my partner. I traveled on my own interstate to attend conferences, seminars and launches. I went to china with my mum and left my home for over 10 days, something I never ever thought I would do. I learned so much about myself that my thoughts about money couldn't teach me.

Having my guide/coach/mentor is one of the best investments I made for myself. They allowed me to have fears and face vulnerability. They guided me through them with their training and expertise, they knew what I was going through and helped me not to give up on myself.

And today I urge you not TO GIVE UP ON YOURSELF.

If you keep allowing your mind to tell you you don't have enough, you never will.

In my most down and out days about finances was when I needed the most support and guidance and I denied myself, I didn't go for it.

My mental health declined as depression set in, my self worth plummeted and I wanted to give up all because of a repeated record that kept playing in my mind, You don't need help, you can do this, you can't afford it. Same shit different day! Fuck my life stuff..

That is why today I urge you not to wait until you reach that point because you don't have enough to invest in yourself. To learn, to grow, to get rid of the stress, anxiety, overwhelm and anxiety that these thoughts bring, now that is priceless.

If you've ever missed out on anything that will help you grow you will never see any change.

That's why I have created an affordable series of 1:1Sessions and an online signature program that will create change to your world for always.

The very easy to use techniques become a part of your daily life. Leave stress, anxiety, overwhelm, anger, fear, self sabotage and replace it with peace, love, self worth, confidence, courage & trust, become your very own guide, healer and teacher.

Your Peaceful Mind Path costs less than getting your nails and hair done for a year. Costs less than a bottle of wine per week for a year.

Costs less than a cup of coffee a day for a year (which quietly adds up to approx $1500)

So what's really holding you back?

Your Peaceful Mind Path Is a Series of Personal & Spiritual Inspired sessions that supports and guides you through Self Growth, healing and Development of Mind Body & Spirit connection.

Finding a coach/mentor/guide that you resonate with is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Your coach/mentor/guide will become more than you will ever fathom because they've spent the money they thought they didn't have to do the training to Coach guide and mentor people like YOU through life. I've never met more passionate people than people that aspire to inspire others to love the life they live in.

So if you think it's money that's holding your back think again.

Your unconscious mind is going to give you every excuse under the sun not to change. It will tell you that change is uncomfortable and it is right, with any change comes a little discomfort but in choosing to change and finding comfort in the discomfort, this is where you GROW and find peace.

Are you ready to be inspired?

Each month I take on 2 clients for their 1:1 personalised experience. If you would like more information about what your signature program will look like connect today, tell me what's happening in your life and receive your guidance to find out how I can guideyou to your peacefulmind path..


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With much love and inspiration


Your Life Inspirer

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