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For a limited time only recieve your heavily discounted Flower Reading and Remedy Assessment via email.

Australian Wildflower Essences also known as rescue remedies work on the physical and subconscious levels to relieve the mind state which caused it.


Modern lifestyles do not often give the time and space for the type of healing we require.  We are not able to connect with nature as easily and often as we would like and being organic as is nature, we require each other to maintain a balance of our mind, body and soul.  Flower Essence healing can help us reconnect with nature on a subconscious level.  It is readily available and within reach.


Your Flower Remedy assessment is a personalised blend just for you.  It is as individual as you and no 2 Flower Essences are ever the same. Essences from Australian Wild Flowers are chosen through your flower card reading and then blended into your personalised remedy.


The remedies are usually placed under the tongue but can also be applied topically for aches and pains when mixed with a carrier oil or lotion.  Reported beneficial results may be obtained in the following areas:


  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Aches & Pains
  • Mood Swings
  • & general well being


Thank you for requesting your Reading and assessment.

USE COUPON CODE FS10 to deduct shipping at checkout.


Flower Reading and Remedy Assessment

  • USE COUPON CODE FS10 to deduct shipping at checkout.


    This is an assessment only and even thought they are only flower essences from nature we are still bound to keep you informed and advise this does not and should not replace any pharmaceutical medications you are on.  Please seek medical guidance from your practitioner if on any medications if considering to make or order your assessment.


    This is an assessment only for you to consider.

    Your Flower Reading and Assessment does not replace any exsisting medication or programs that you are currently on.

    This assessment is a suggestion only of Flowers that could assist you on your journey and for your to consider. All assessments are only given as guidance and an opportunity to consider.This assessment does not replace any medications or professional advice from your Doctors, naturopaths or others.If you would like more information to created a more informed decision before ordering your blend please seek professional advice from your medical practitioner or naturopath.

    It's important to consider all facets and aspects of your wellbeing.

    much respect Happy Healing.