When I learn and GROW so do you.

I have a passion for learning and love to share what I learn with others.

The thing I do differently is add a pinch of Spiritual Hoo Haa to really connect.

When I'm learning I put myself into a deep hypnotic trance to allow guidance from my soul to take in more of what is relevant for me and my purpose.

I read it and learn it through my Soulself. It's like my Soulself and human self collaborate.

My soul reads through my human eyes. It's so different and you can feel the difference.

For your own learning hypnotic experience follow the link for my hypnotic rant for you to get focused.

Today's learnings is all about online events and marketing.

What are some tips you have for us about how you learn and GROW?

Love Chrissy 🌻

Soul Seeing Hypnotic Meditation for Focus

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