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All Guidance is Healing and when combined with a little bit of Spiritual Hoo Haa it can inspire your life.  You begin to trust in yourself and love the life you are living even when it's crap.  Learning and growing is a part of your evolution, unless of course you like sitting on the sideline watching the world go by.

Enhancing your personal growth and development with a spiritual twist will guide you to being your own Guide Healer and Teacher.

Isn't it time to collaborate and synergise with you Human Soul System and find out just how authentic your life can really be?

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Psychic Guidance


Do you feel like you can't make decisions about situations or your life, feeling stuck and unsure where to next? 


Happy Healing invites you to ''Your Own Personal Psychic Reading". 


During this time you will be taken on a journey of self discovery where answers will be revealed. 


Chrissy  is available  to channel energy as a clear vessel and offer guidance and insightfulness providing inspirational and honest advice that will assist you in a positive light.


Connecting with your energies,Chrissy will provide honest guidance and insights into your own spiritual health, growth & development and help you to find your answers from within.


During your reading sometimes a love one may come through to connect with you, if you have any questions or issues you may connect with your loved one through Chrissy. 


(Please let us know when booking your reading if you DO NOT wish to connect 

Also see medium readings listed below.


Medium Energy Connection 

(family Sessions available)


The feelings associated with the  passing of a loved one can feel like it's never going to go away. 


As you try to understand or fill the hole left by their passing you can sometimes miss the signs that they are always close by.  This can be extremely comforting if you recognise their closeness but frustrating if you can't accept or acknowledge their presence. 


Chrissy can help you reconnect with the energy of your loved one.  


Messages can be relayed and questions can be answered. 


Chrissy will help you to reconnect and stay that way, embracing the energy of the loved one and helping you to recognise it without feeling crazy or that it's not real.


Come along and re connect and confirm your inner knowing, find some peace and allow the energy to synchronise from within you.  


Happy Healing prides itself on providing a safe, private and compassionate surrounding  for your personalised Energy Medium Healing.  Let's stay connected.


Crystal Grid Energy Reading


 A crystal reading is much like reading tea leaves but crystals are used to decipher and show you where you may have blocked energies that are hindering you from moving forward or using your own intuitive energy. 


Specific crystals that resonate with different Auric  & Chakra Energies are gathered and dropped into  energy meridian positions specifically for you. 


The meridian in which the crystal lands conjures up the reading and Chrissy can then guide and inspire you to connect with the blockages and release the energy that is no longer required leaving space for new clearer energies to enter and guide you. 


This reading is ideal for anyone. Questions may be asked throughout the reading if they come up for you and this reading will certainly get your energy flowing in the right direction.



Past Life Karmic Energy/Soul Journey Lessons


Repeating lessons time after time, falling into behavioural patterns that don't make sense or even being attached to someone you dislike and just don't know why. 


This could be a Karmic Energy pattern, a lesson that somehow has been passed onto you or one you have brought back for yourself to learn. 


These karmic energies can be released. The universe understands that the time of carrying yours or others past life karmic energy is a thing of the past and it is only causing a world full of people who are confused, depressed and not enjoying the experience. 


Chrissy will guide you to help release these patterns, understand why you have them, where they came from, the lesson attached and how to let them go easily. 


Don't carry unwanted karmic energy around with you any longer.  Come and experience a life changing reading/healing that will help you feel lighter and move easier through life.


Cross Roads Soul Journey Energy Reading


If you are stuck in life and don't know which direction you should go this reading is for you. 


Sometimes when you do get stuck it's because of a Soul Lesson that you could still be harboring.  This Cross Roads Soul Journey reading will give you guidance about your energetic lessons.


The present, the past, the future and the balance of Body & Soul lessons. 


This reading gives you clear messages from both your Soul Mind and Physical Mind.  Once you understand the lessons you have been facing, your journey becomes more clearer to you.


11 Soul Station Lessons Crystal Grid Reading


This reading guides you on a journey through the 11 Soul Stations of Life

Each station provides detailed insight of the lessons that you have come here to evolve through, where you will find your answers and what the outcome will be.

Some of the lessons you may be aware of, others you may still be going through. but by time this reading is finished your life will fast track and before you know it you will be living more of the life you want.

This reading uses oracle cards and crystals as well as channeled transmissions from your guides, teachers and healers on the other-side that help you through.

You will be encouraged to seek out your Station Masters and channel into their guidance to help you through to the next station.


This reading gives you clarity of your life mission (should you choose to accept it.  (little mission impossible quote) and guidance of how to fast track and start to love more of your life.


All readings are available via phone, email, skype or in the Happy Healing Realm.