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Enjoy the experience of Mind Body Spirit Balance, Re- connection, growth & development at your own pace. Find out more about your Spiritual & Personal Health, Growth & Development by re-connecting your own energies and inner guidance from a place that makes sense (within you). These Experiences are a range of hands on & online Experiences to add more clarity and understanding of your wellbeing from a Personal & Spiritual persepective.  


Each workshop is designed to give you the key unlocking another facet of your life.  Each one of you will take away something that is truly just for you.  Happy Healing ensures your workshop Experiences will be life lasting and something to remember.



Introduction to Balancing & Healing Your Chakras/Energy


Recharging your Battery Packs for the 21st Century


Finding your Energy Remedy!   

Find  Your Chakra Connection

Learn to See, Feel, or Sense your Enenrgy

Find more Energy

Release Stress & Anxiety

​Calm Nervous Tension

Find Peace & Relaxation

One of the main Energy Centres/chakras that you would recognise is your Solar Plexus, located where your rib cage joins together. (sternum)   This is the place where you feel most discomfort when worried, anxious or stressed.  Along with your Solar Plexus there are 6 other Energy Centres that hold keys to unlocking other facets of yourself.  Lets find them!


Introduction to Balancing & Healing your Chakras is about finding your Energy Remedy and  reconnecting your energy circuits. An ideal Workshop for those who experience various feelings/emotions and are unsure where they orginate, whether it is from work, home or day to day living.  You will be shown how to release these feelings creating a state of balance, composure & control.  Discover how  your thoughts effect your internal feelings and what part they play in your Emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health systems.  Find your Energy Remedy.





Your Auras & Energy      

Feeling Heavy?

Feeling Tired?

Feeling like you've lost your inner spark?

Feel like the weight of the word is on your shoulders?

Feeling Drained?


If you answered yes to any of the above it means that your Auric Energy is in need of a good clearing out.

Like an invisible force field your aura holds lots of Energy that can weigh you down.  Your auric force field can get damaged from verbal attacks, people clinging on to you, holding onto past trauma and life in general.


During this Colourful, Energising 3 hours you will be guided to feel and sense your Force Field Auric Energy, clear & repair any damage and illuminate them. Ascertain why you have an aura and what type of Vibrartional Energies resonate or penetrate each layer. Learn about the different layers of the Aura, what they mean to your health, wellbeing & what emotions they connect with.  Clarify how your aura protects you and why you need to clear it regularly. Learn to recognise what damages your aura and how that affects different parts of your life.


Energy Healing Tools    
Find your Energy Remedy
Use your Energy Medicine
Keep your Energy Healthy
Help relax aches, pains & Tension using Energy
If you would like to go deeper into healing on an holistic level and any of the above words resonate with your needs then this workshop is for YOU!


This one is not to be missed. Healing yourself using Universal Energy is the best free gift you can give yourself and others. Re-connecting your physical self with your mind is an amazing healing that can change your life. Energy Healing is simply tapping into the natural energy flow that we all have. It’s a 7 stage method using a process to balance the energy stations from top to toes, channel & strengthen that energy and feel more relaxed.  When your bodies are under stress the flow of energy diminishes or slows down, you may not be aware of this, but eventually symptoms will come out through your body in areas such as aches and pains anxiety, stress, headaches, stomach problems, mental wellbeing and much more. Come along and find YOUR ENERGY REMEDY.


Empathy YOUR 8th Sense 
Feel Every Emotion?
Suffer Anxiety & Stress?
Feel uncomfortable in Crowds or parties?
Take on Everyone Elses problems as your own?
Need to fix everything?
Feel out of Control?


LET'S BRING SOME CALM TO YOUR PANIC! Do you feel everything? Do you feel Panic, Anxious, Nervous for no reason? Do your suffer from Stress and/or Anxiety? If so, come along to this Happy Healing Workshop Experience and find out more about why you are feeling like this and how to harness these emotions and use them as useful guidance tools.

Empathy describes someone who takes on the feelings and emotions of others whilst still having their own. The feeling of Empathy is strong in most people and is another one of your senses. 'Empathy Your 8th Sense' can evolve with you and help you through all types of emotions. It puts you back in control. From office worker, tradie, self employed, home makers to corporate old and young, this Workshop will take you on a pathway of self discovery and explores the inner and outer world of vibrations & emotions, it helps you to be in control and understand these feelings.

Empath Energy is strong and can feel controlling, depressing, consuming, unbearable, alarming, mysterious, sickening, paralyzing and mentally harmful.
It can also be liberating, empowering, calming and helpful. So which one are you?  In control or out of control.

Soul Energy Reconnection 
Feeling Isolated?
Don't have clear boundaries?
Can't Make Decisions for Yourself?
Don't really know what you want for yourself?

Feeling out of wack or a little lost in your life? Happy Healing invites you to come and find yourself. In this amazing 3 hour Soul Energy Reconnection workshop we help you to find your inner spark, create boundaries, find more of what you want in your life and how to re claim your energy. You will be guided to re-synergise your physical self with your mindsoul self and put back into your life the things you love.   Finding Balance between your Ego & Your Soulself.  Lets Work together!


Finding the Psychic Tools in You    

Discover different types of Psychic Energy & Tools

Decipher your messages

Photo Readings

Automatic Writing

Kinetic Energy Readings


Do I need to tell you anything about this???  Come along to this amazing workshop and unearth your Hidden Psych.  Everyone has Psychic abilities, some call it intuition.  However you look at it, its there laying dormant waiting for you to fully acknowledge and re connect with it.   You will gain knowledge of which senses best describes your tools and how to use them to decipher your readings. You will discover how to build up and protect your psychic energy, how to clear your energy and how to carry out readings. 


Detachment & Protection Energy Remedy

Detach from destructive behavioural Patterns

Compassionately Detach from people & things that no longer serve you

Find, strengthen & protect your coping mechanisims

Find Strength you never knew you had from within


This workshop is a must for anyone who continually feels like their energy is being drained.  We will guide you on a journey of learning ways of bringing back and detaching your energies from people, places & behavioural energy patterns that no longer serve you.   You will also be guided on how to protect your energy from re entering old vibrational/behavioral patterns that continue to connect to you.  You will find out where your energy is going and why and then learn how to seal your Auric Energy so that you choose who you share it with.  You will also project vibrational energies that will continue to protect you from what is still un seen or unfelt.  Get ready to feel uplifted and  Empowered as you regain your own energies and stay true to YOU!


Changing of the Guides

(changing your guiding energies)

Stuck in a Rut?

Want to move forward?

Not feeling yourself?

Lost your love for life?

Repeating the same lessons

Groundhog day!


It might just be time to change the way you look at things and change the way your life is going.  Changing of your  external energy guides is about changing your energy patterns to resonate more with what you want out of life.  We are living on a planet of Emotion and Free Will, lets get it back!


You have been guided from a young age and through this guidance you have made many choices, some good, some not so good.  The guidance that you had a child may not suit your needs today but you still live the by the same rules/guidance.  This guiding energy can be changed but it's not until you recognise the patterns that you begin to understand that the guiding energy no longer suits you.  As you have grown your lessons have changed and with each lesson your energy can change or remain the same until another new lessons. If you feel that your energy is not changing and the lessons keep being repeated or even worse your life is getting dull and boring (no energy exchange) then it's time to bring in new energy patterns, change your guiding energy.  When you change your energy guides you may notice changes in your day to day emotions and feelings, and you may notice the decisions you make are different.  Your whole life can change when these events occur.  At times however you can feel afraid of making changes and choose to stay in a energy that no longer serves you, this is the time that you can change the way you look at things and recieve energy guidance from a different angle. This workshop is about you being ready to move on and experience change in your life.  This truly is a life changing experience.


Stairway to NOW!


(Due to the intensity of this workshop it is a 1 on 1 (approx 2.5hrs) or max 3 Experience approx half day workshop)

Karmic Life Lessons

Behavioural Patterns

Burdens in this life that you don't understand

Repeated Lessons

Past Life

Soul Contracts


Breaking Behavioral Patterns that keep reoccurring can be a difficult task when you don’t know why the same lessons keep repeating themselves.  During this 1 on 1 or group of 3 max  Happy Healing Workshop Experience discover more about where you’ve been and what you’ve learned from spiritual guidance & beyond.  You will be taken on a Stairway journey from your beginning to now and into the depth of your sub consciousness to find the answers.  You will journey where no one else can take you to discover what legacies, karmic energies, lessons, people and discoveries you have made up to now.  Discover why you are the way you are and why you like the things you do….Be prepared to find out more about your behavioral patterns and how to change them so that you can move freer in this world. Find out why you meet the people you meet and what you may need to learn from each other. Are you really passionate about certain places, times cultures? Is there a certain era that you resonate with more than others?  Are you quite knowledgeable about things you have no idea where it came from. Come on this amazing Happy Healing Workshop Experience, Stairway to NOW! And find out a little more about yourself and the life you live.  I look forward to seeing you…  Please call or message to reserve your appointment.


Naturalcense Incense/Smudge Blending

Do you Like Organic Natural Product?

Do you Like Sandalwood, Rose, Lavander, Frankincense, Myrhh?

Do you use smudging to clear your home and surroundings?


             Come along and be guided to choose your own Naturalcense herbs, resins, gums, flowers to make a healing smudge, bathtea or scent just for you.  We have a wide range of ORGANIC produce to wake up your Senses and heal you on a cellular level.


Clearing to the South Energies, Clearing to the North Energies, Clearing to the West Energies, Clearing to the East Energies. During this workshop you will be guided by your own Vibrational Energies to blend a Naturalcense Incense or Bath Tea just for YOU! Everyone needs different scents around them to help them along their lifes path. Indulge your senses and clear your mind with your very own blend of wonderful organic & wildcrafted herbs, resins and flowers. They are then ready for you to place them onto the hot coal. The blends will assist with your meditation, clearings, protections and cleansing as well as provide a purifying scent for your surroundings.  MAKES NATURAL SENSE TO ME!


The Uplifting Art of Clearing YOUR Space


A house with strange feelings in it can cause unrest and emotional uneasiness in the place that you should feel comfortable. After all isn't your home YOUR CASTLE? It doesn't matter if you live in a new home or an older home energy is a moving vibrational living matter, whether it is from past tenants or lost souls, everything is energy. During this workshop you will be guided on how to clear lingering energies from your homes foundation to Ceilings and beyond. How to sense the presence of the energy and whether the energy is residual or a soul that needs to be rescued. You will sense and feel your whole home from your very seat at this amazing Happy Healing Workshop Experience and feel the difference when you get home.

There are many types of Energies, Lost souls can and will return to familiar surroundings or energies. Whilst others can just leave energies that create and cause an unstable frequency in your home. You may have Unattached Energy in your home or work environment, this occurs when vibrational frequencies resonating from other people attach themselves to the environment..This can be attached to furniture that you may have brought from the op shop or jewelry handed down. Lost souls can occur if a person dies suddenly and cannot accept that they are in fact on their way to another realm, they are spirits in limbo (ghosts). Their Spirit gets confused or lost and will always find its way back to a familiar place or frequency. This is usually their old home, a person, piece of furniture or jewelry a park or piece of land where they use to play or a building they liked. So if you think that your house is to young to have other energies attached to it, think again. Your home may be built on the old stomping ground of the Energy/Spirit and that is where it has returned. If you would like to be guided through the 8 stages of clearing your home, surroundings and occupants and would like to find out more about attached & unattached energy GET YOUR TICKETS....


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